Burglar-Proof Your Home

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Burglar-Proof Your Home

1 -  Never leave keys in hiding places outside the house. Burglars will search every inch looking for access!

2 -  Always keep your garage door closed and locked.

3 - Trim back all bushes under windows.

4 -  Plant prickly, thorny shrubs or bushes under windows to discourage prowlers. Almost as good as a barking dog!

5 - Bright lights outside around all doors and window discourage break ins. Install motion triggered lights around corners of the home.

6 - Install a solid core or metal-clad door fitted with both inside hinge pins and a minimum one-inch throw deadbolt lock.

7 -  Doors with windows require a double key deadbolt.

8 - Secure garage doors with cane bolts and hasps.

9 - Install a peep hole in the front door.  Standing on your tippy toes is not discreet.

10 -Secure crank Windows by drilling a hole through the latch frame and handle, then insert a metal pin or nail through the hole to lock the window in place.

11 - Place Operation Identification stickers on doors and windows.

12 - If you have a keypad garage door, reprogram the code.  Best to change every 3-6 months.

13 - Never leave your garage door opener visible in your car.

14 - Never let strangers into your home. Never give out your address or phone number to strangers.